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When using different programs to download videos from youtube and similar websites we usually realize that they lack a feature that allow you to download many files at the same time, and that's the main feature of MassTube.

Without any doubt, MassTube is a good application for all those video lovers out there because this application allows them to have their favorite videos downloaded in a snap, and totally free.

Choose the videos and the format you want them to be converted: mp4, 3gp, flv, mp3, mpg, mpeg, ogg or swf. Thank to all this and to an intuitive interface, MassTube becomes a very interesting application for video lovers who don't want to spend any money.
By Álvaro Toledo

- Fixed all problems for some video recorgnition and stop working for VEVO and other important content generated in previous versions due to latest changes in YouTube server.
- Improved video extraction algorithm.
- Fixed some small bugs discovered of previous versions.

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